Our Policies

EFG Engineering is aware that corporate information is extremely important both for itself and for its stakeholders. For this reason, it has established a living and constantly developing Information Security System that adheres to the requirements of the ISO 27001 standard.

EFG Engineering Information and Data Security Policy;

  • Protection of information from unauthorized access
  • Ensuring the confidentiality of information
  • Protection of the integrity of information
  • Access to information whenever business processes need it
  • Fulfillment of legal obligations and legal obligations arising from contracts
  • Developing and improving business continuity plans
  • Providing Information Security trainings to all employees
  • To protect the confidentiality, integrity and accessibility of corporate information
  • To allocate the necessary resources to increase the competence of our employees in order to meet the requirements of the system and to operate it effectively and to plan the relevant training programs
  • Planning awareness-raising and guiding activities in order to ensure the participation and compliance of all our personnel and business partners with the information security system, as required by our holistic approach.
  • Ensuring compliance with standards, legal regulations and contract requirements as per our management policy
  • To implement our information security system as an indispensable part of our corporate culture,


guarantees all the items listed above.

  The processing, storage and transfer of data relating to all personal data obtained by our employees, suppliers, customers, visitors, in short, are handled within the scope of our EFG Engineering Information and Data Protection policy.

EFG ENGINEERING and its employees have determined a policy focused on the environment and people by adhering to the "Environmental and Occupational Health Management Systems". In this direction;

  • Carrying out activities to support sustainable development,
  • Reduce and keep under control the environmental impacts that may arise from its activities,
  • To ensure the protection of the environment by evaluating the environmental effects,
  • To ensure efficient use of natural resources by reducing waste at its source,
  • To ensure efficient use of energy and natural resources,
  • To provide trainings in order to increase the environmental awareness of the employees and to instill in the future generations the need to leave a clean environment,
  • Continuously improving all processes by effectively managing risks,
  • Working with zero accident principle on occupational health and safety,
  • To encourage the participation of employees in occupational health and safety studies and to provide an open communication environment. 


committed to its principles.

As EFG ENGINEERING, we meet customer expectations at the highest level with our production experience, experienced and well-equipped personnel; In line with our competitive structure, we ensure the continuity of our exemplary position in the sector. By adopting quality as our core value, we are committed to our commitment to the following principles:

  • In accordance with the general and sector-specific defined quality standards; to produce the right product at the first time and to deliver it on time,
  • In line with the continuous improvement approach, ensuring the continuity of our competitive power in the sector by ensuring that our products comply with national and international standards and legal regulations,
  • To ensure continuous customer satisfaction by meeting the demands and expectations of our customers,
  • It adopts continuous training in order to always provide training opportunities to support the development of its employees.
  • To make necessary investments in order to continuously develop and grow with the experience we have,
  • Leadership and customer-oriented work,


In this direction, we, as EFG ENGINEERING, work devotedly to maintain all our activities in harmony with the Environmental Management System, Occupational Health and Safety Management System and Quality Management System and to meet new needs, by making continuous improvement.